MomKate Falk

My name is Kate Falk, and I am a stay-at-home mother of a two-year-old boy.  I cherish all the time I get to spend with him during these formative, early childhood years.  I maintain a small private practice as an educational therapist.  In a one-on-one setting, I can serve each child as an individual learner.  Figuring out what make each child tick is what intrigues me.

I love climbing, cooking, traveling and yoga.  And my husband.

The Reading Specialist

I trained to be a reading specialist at Harvard Graduate School of Education, where I received a Master’s of Education in Language and Literacy.  I went on to teach in a middle school, both in the classroom setting and in special education.  In the latter position, I found it challenging for the students to make a lot of progress in the small group setting.  By sixth and seventh grade, the students were three to five years behind in reading.  I started to take on more private work because in a one-on-one therapy setting, I could see my students/clients make considerable progress.

Then, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and began teaching first grade in a private school.  I had first graders who were reading chapter books and ones who were struggling as beginning readers.  I found that my experience working with disabled readers in a one-on-one setting enabled me to identify what aspect of reading my first graders were struggling with and to provide them with fine-tuned instruction.  I love working with that age group of struggling readers because their minds are so pliable, they generally still have a good attitude toward learning, and it is relatively easy to play “catch up,” and get them reading on grade level within the duration of a school year.

After teaching first grade and before my son was born, I spent four years in full-time private practice.

Tutoring Parents Blogger

Now that my son is two, I am starting to think about myself again.  What am I interested in?  What can I do that meshes old skills with new ones?

Well, I love working for myself.  I am passionate about teaching children to read.  There’s hardly a more essential skill in life than reading.  I love teaching parents how to take an active role in their children’s literacy development.  I have witnessed that parents can provide excellent reading support to their children with the guidance of a reading specialist.

An idea was born!  I decided to figure out how to use technology to reach more parents who have questions about literacy development and how to best work with their children on literacy at home.  Learning how to blog and share my expertise in a way that is simple and meaningful to parents will be the two most challenging aspects of this pursuit.  Here we go!